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Lonestar emerges from stealth with plans for lunar data centers 

Cloud computing startup Lonestar said it has contracted commercial lunar lander developer to deploy a mini-data center on the moon next year. >> read more



Starfish Space raises $7M for in-orbit servicing space tug

Satellite servicing company Starfish Space has closed $7 million in funding to accelerate the development of a space tug vehicle that can extend the life of spacecraft and get rid of orbital debris. >> read more



Starfish Space testing software for constellation-managing Otter space tugs

Starfish Space, a startup founded by former Blue Origin and NASA engineers, is developing space tugs to help manage rapidly growing megaconstellations. >> read more



Op-ed | Clearing space debris is good business

Today’s digital infrastructure is being built in low Earth orbit. Satellite constellations from companies like SpaceX, OneWeb, Telesat, AST Space Mobile and many others are rapidly deploying to provide everything from internet to cell service to quantum encryption to meteorologic and economic data. >> read more


Aviation Week

Starfish Advances Satellite Servicing Ambitions

U.S. satellite servicing startup Starfish Space has raised $7 million in funding to develop its planned Otter space tug. The Otter is a small satellite designed to enable servicing missions to be economically viable. >> read more

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Aviation Week

Aquarian Space raises seed round for lunar satellite comms relay 

Aquarian Space raised $650,000 in seed capital to fund development of a lunar satellite communications relay network. >> read more



Wyvern gets funding to expand hyperspectral imaging market

Wyvern has secured funds for deployable optics technology that the Canadian startup believes is key to creating a thriving commercial marketplace for hyperspectral imagery. >> read more


Satellite Evolution

Lonestar brings the edge of the cloud to space via software-defined payload at the ISS

Lonestar Data Holdings Inc. announces the first ever software defined payload sent to the International Space Station (ISS) enabling successful data storage and edge processing tests on the ISS.>> read more



Xona Space Systems fully funds GPS-alternative demo mission

Californian startup Xona Space Systems has raised $8 million to fully fund an orbital demonstration next year of its navigation payload, which aims to provide an alternative to GPS and other global navigation satellite systems. >> read more



Starfish Space partners with Benchmark Space Systems to support orbital refueling

Starfish Space, a startup founded by veterans of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture, is teaming up with Vermont-based Benchmark Space Systems to work on a precision-guided orbital refueling system for satellites. >> read more

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